TheShareWay Adds Charity Safaris to List of Charity Donors

Companies with Online Donation Requests

The donor community on TheShareWay is growing! For example, Charity Safaris, a charity auction site offering luxury hunting safaris, has recently joined TheShareWay. This collaboration will broaden Charity Safaris' outreach, helping more fundraisers raise money along the way.

If you're new to fundraising, you may not be familiar with TheShareWay and Charity Safaris. So let's discover how they can assist you at your next fundraising event.

Charity Safaris and TheShareWay are Companies with Online Donation Requests

Charity Safaris

Requesting online donations for your next fundraising event doesn't have to be a challenge when TheShareWay and Charity Safaris are available to accept online donation requests. These companies with online donation requests are ready to help more nonprofits that require funds!

About TheShareWay

TheShareWay is a unique resource for charities as they provide a comprehensive list of companies that support charities, such as Charity Safaris. In addition, the directory already has over 800 donors ready to assist nonprofits with in-kind donations and raffle tickets across the United States.

Donor companies are updated weekly on TheShareWay's website, with companies varying in size. These companies offer various types of raffle items, such as:

  • Gift cards
  • Food and snacks
  • Gift baskets
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Hunting trips
  • Event and admission tickets

Because of the number of donors and the variety of raffle items, you will not be disappointed when finding the right fit for your event, increasing the number of donations received.


Searching for the ideal raffle items is a simple process using TheShareWay's filter option on their website. You can search for donor companies by location, the causes they support, etc., saving you time! In addition, each donor page offers valuable details such as the locations and items donated by a business, member feedback, and information on how to apply for a donation.

TheShareWay has two price plans to choose from. However, you can access the directory by signing up for the free plan on their website. 

TheShareWay has a streamlined interface and allows charities to be involved in every process step. You can track application statuses from potential donors and everything else in between as a charity. This saves you valuable time that can be spent on other aspects of planning your fundraising event.

TheShareWay Leads the Way in Fundraising Efforts

According to statistics from TheShareWay, the average user saves 20 hours or more on outreach per event! Charities can also double their chances of getting approved by donors, making fundraising easier for event organizers. 

In 2021, TheShareWay helped several nonprofits get the support they needed for their fundraising efforts. Over 220 donations were approved, and charities walked away with food items, gift cards, and other in-kind product donations from the donors on TheShareWay donor directory.

TheShareWay does the legwork for charities by finding businesses that donate to charities and providing you with links to their donation pages. This is where you can now also find Charity Safaris!

About Charity Safaris
Hunting Trip Donations

Charity Safaris offers international hunting safari adventures in South Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand to charities that need auction items for their fundraising events. These trips are at no cost to the charity, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity. Additionally, charities can sell these luxurious hunting trips multiple times.

With breathtaking views, local cuisine, and life-changing experiences with you and your loved ones, your trip across the sea will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. These hunting safaris are the perfect tick-off from your bucket list and will challenge you mentally and physically. However, you will walk away feeling well-rested and proud of your accomplishments.

Charities get support from Charity Safaris, including all paperwork and display materials. Auction winners will get to plan the trip of a lifetime through Charity Safaris while helping those in need.

Charity Safaris is proud to be added to TheShareWay's list of donors, as there's a more extensive outreach to help more people. TheShareWay's donation request process is quick and easy, making fundraising a less stressful planning process. In addition, it provides an additional platform for Charity Safaris to reach more people needing much-needed funds.

These two companies with online donation requests now have more extensive outreach and are reaching more charities that require funds. By providing the platform for charities to find donations, TheShareWay assists Charity Safaris in helping more people!

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