PTA Fundraising Ideas

PTA Fundraising Ideas

Parents and teachers are constantly stretched thin. As a result, finding the time to brainstorm PTA fundraising ideas and plan your next event as soon as impossible. With these 10 PTA and PTO fundraising ideas, you can plan a cost-effective and engaging fundraiser for all ages. Support your school community today with the best fundraising strategy!

1- Hold an Auction

An auction can attract students, teachers, parents, and other community members to your PTO fundraiser. This is because auctions provide a built-in incentive for community members to participate. However, to ensure a successful auction, you need valuable prizes. You can secure items for your auction by seeking in-kind donations from local businesses or a fundraising site like Charity Safaris.

Charity Safaris is one of the United States’ largest fundraising websites. They offer hunting trip donations to nonprofits and charity organizations across the U.S. and Canada at no cost. This means your organization keeps all the proceeds raised at your auction. Moreover, Charity Safaris works closely with your organization and the auction’s winner to ensure the best experience possible for everyone.

Previous Charity Safaris hunting trips have generated up to $4500 in silent auctions and $6000 in live auctions. Destinations have included New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina. Check out Charity Safaris’ adventurous packages if you want to secure a unique and profitable auction item. A hunting trip from Charity Safaris is a profitable PTO Fundraising Idea.

Other bestselling auction items that will help you reach your fundraising goals include:

Gift certificates for dinners
Two-night stay in a local hotel
Cooking classes
Wine-tasting baskets that include wine, chocolates, and cheeses
Family movie night baskets that include snacks, popcorn, and movies
Group dinner parties

When you are thinking of items to add to your auction, get creative and have fun with it. Think about students and their parents and what they would like to purchase at an auction.

2- Raffle

Raffles can generate much revenue while requiring little work from your organization. All you need to do is line up prizes for the raffle winners. Then, you can set a raffle entry price that aligns with the prize’s quality. If you have multiple prizes, you can select various prices, so everyone can participate. Raffles create a high fundraising potential.

If you are having trouble securing an in-kind donation, consider applying for one through a fundraising website like DonationMatch. DonationMatch is a fundraising website that connects organizations with companies that offer in-kind donations. Moreover, its platform can match you with companies that align with your fundraising needs.

TheShareWay is another site that connects organizations with companies that provide in-kind donations and raffle items and offers great PTO Fundraising Ideas.

Penny Social

 3- Penny Social

A penny social is a combination of an auction and raffle. Participants can buy raffle tickets to bid on prizes. One ticket equals one bid, but participants can purchase multiple tickets to increase their chances of winning. A ticket will be drawn randomly, and whoever placed the selected ticket wins the prize. 

Raffle tickets can be sold for a low price, which means everyone in the community can participate. In addition, you can create prize baskets for different interests and budgets. For example, you can have a basket targeted explicitly toward kids, a date night basket, or a movie night basket!

4- Walk-a-Thon

Walk-a-Thons are a great way to unite the community, especially regarding school-related fundraising. It can get the entire family involved and active while requiring minimal effort from your organization. You can even have the start and finish lines at the school! You can set up a tent near the finish line with information about your PTA or PTO and how community members can contribute. In addition, you can request local businesses to participate by bringing food, drinks, and live entertainment. This is a great fundraising idea when the weather is excellent in the fall or spring.

PTO Fundraising Idea

5- Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Shoe Drives are economical and unique PTO Fundraising Ideas that your PTA or PTO will love. To hold a shoe drive fundraiser, you must set up bins around the school. Students can drop their used, gently worn, or new shoes in the bins. Once the fundraiser is over, send the donated shoes to a coordinator like Funds2Ogs. They will process the donation and mail you a check in return.

This is an excellent PTO fundraising idea for the beginning of the academic or calendar year. Many families purchase new clothes and shoes before the school year and for the holidays. So, parents might be excited to clear some clutter and donate to a good cause.

6- Parent’s Night Out

Parents Night Out

Donation-based babysitting service. What’s not to love? A Parent’s Night Out is the perfect fundraising idea for your PTA or PTO. During a Parent’s Night Out fundraising event, parents drop off their children at school for a discounted rate in the evening. This allows them a few hours to have a date night out (or in.) 

This is a fantastic event for super busy parents who can’t afford a babysitter. It is most successful when planned around holidays so that parents can get a chance to catch up on errands or have a romantic night together. In addition, you can coordinate with a local restaurant to see if they can offer a discount for participants.

PTO Fundraising Ideas

7- Bake Sale

bake sale is a tried and true way to raise revenue for your organization. You can set up a table of yummy treats near the school’s pick-up and drop-off locations. This way, parents (and students) can easily purchase some goodies.

This fundraising event requires PTA or PTO members to bake and volunteer their time, but the rewards are worth it. You can make some serious money with a bake sale while keeping costs low.

8- Field Day

Everyone’s favorite day of the school year is field day. So, it’s safe to say that a field day fundraising event is one both children and parents love.

Parents can purchase tickets for their children to participate in field day; every game or activity should cost one ticket. Then, on the event day, parents can watch their kids have a great time participating in events. If you want, you can even open up some events to parents. In addition, you can set up a snack stand to provide refreshments and boost revenue. A Field Day is just one of the many PTO fundraising activities to consider.

9- Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are another effective way to get both children and parents involved. While the planning process may seem intense, the process is pretty simple. Members of the PTA have to choose a theme, set a time limit, encourage participation with prizes, and provide refreshments. In addition, parents can pay for a ticket for their child to participate.  Scavenger hunts are popular fundraising ideas that promote fun for everyone involved.  Check out Let’s Roam for some great PTA Fundraising Ideas.

10- Talent Show

Participating in a talent show is a rite of passage for many students. The PTA can help students showcase their skills by hosting a talent show! While preparing for this event may require a lot of time from PTA members, the results will be worth it. The talent show will not only be memorable for everyone involved, but it can raise serious revenue for your organization. In addition, you can sell tickets to parents, loved ones, and friends, and you can sell refreshments at a concession stand.

Amazing PTA Fundraising Ideas 

If you are on the hunt for some fun ways to raise money for your school, you should consider organizing a PTA fundraiser. Many parents are searching for ways to contribute financially to their children’s schools, so why not make it a little fun for them as well? The best school fundraising ideas are those that give parents options. Parents want the option to be able to go to an event such as a dinner with an action or to have the option of making an online donation if they are too busy to attend. When you give parents options to raise funds, you will reach a broader audience and will likely generate more money for the school.

Easy PTA Fundraising Ideas 

Raising money for the school does not have to be difficult. There are several ways you can help your PTA. To make it easy on yourself, partner with a fundraising company and get great ideas to raise money fast! 

Final Thoughts on PTA Fundraisers

These PTA Fundraising Ideas can make your next fundraiser a memorable success. When planning the event, use fundraising websites to save time and energy while maximizing your proceeds. Think about students and parents when you are planning your next school fundraiser. The more people that can be involved, the better! Try one of the best fundraising efforts to raise money for your PTA! Final note: As you are thinking about fundraising opportunities for your school, keep in mind you always want to provide online fundraising opportunities as well so busy parents can still participate.

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