Fundraising Ideas

Charities and nonprofits rely heavily on the generosity of people. Not only is it important to fund your short and long-term goals, but it helps to spotlight your organization, raising awareness of your cause.

Let’s learn the best fundraising ideas and maximize your funding! Get your attendees excited about the organization’s vision by hosting a fun and exciting event for your organization.

1.      Charity Safaris Hunting Trips

Charity Safaris hunting trips include a getaway in Argentina, South Africa, or New Zealand. The winner gets named through a silent auction. You can get them excited to be big game hunting in the great plains of South Africa or hunt on tens of thousands of ranchland in Argentina. So, what makes Charity Safaris different from other fundraising ideas? These trips are 100% donated, and your organization can resell the same trip multiple times. 

Charity Safaris will provide all the display paperwork and materials to attract high bids from attendees and work closely with you to ensure your event is a complete success. Request a Charity Safari hunting trip donation here!

2.      5k Color Run

5K Color Run

Hosting a 5k color run is an excellent fundraising idea and a way to get the whole community involved in your charity event. You can make up to 70% profit for each event by charging an entrance fee and accepting donations. Gather volunteers and develop a planning committee to help with the event.

Participants of the color run will be given white t-shirts. At the start and finish line, the bright and colorful powder will get thrown on the runners, leaving radiant shades of pinks, blues, and yellows all over them. This vibrant display of colors is a bonding experience for everyone involved, and participants will be talking about your charity event for a long time!

3.      Fundraising Gala

Everyone loves to dress up occasionally, so why not plan one for your charity event. You can host a fancy dinner at regular prices and create VIP tables at a higher price to elevate the status. This is your opportunity to talk about your organization and tell them why the charity is important and how you will use the funds from the event.

Combine a fundraising gala with a silent auction. Have trips like the Charity Safari hunting trip or spa days on auction to boost donations. In addition, you can make gift baskets and offer dining experiences that can get sold at the auction.

4.      Golf Tournament

What better fundraising idea than gathering your supporters and making new ones than an excellent old golf tournament. Get in touch with a local golf course and ask them if they will donate their golf course for the day or reduce the costs for your event. Then, charge the attendees a fee for entering and promote a prize for the tournament winners.

You can develop a fundraising sponsorship packet that has different tiers, so participants can decide what level of fundraising they want to be in. Don’t forget the food and drinks! Approach local restaurants and see if anyone is willing to donate to your event in exchange for promotion.

5.      Cocktail Hour and Trivia Night

Invite donors, board members, and volunteers to a fun night of cocktails and trivia! Throughout the night, you can sell raffle tickets, have gift baskets for auction, and play games to keep the night entertaining while raising money for your event. Secure prizes from local businesses beforehand and have one grand prize for the winners of trivia night.

Trivia night doesn’t have to be in person, either. You can host trivia night virtually and make it equally fun. You can have food and beverages delivered to the participants and customize the backgrounds for a personalized touch.

Winery Tour

6.      Winery Tour

A winery tour is not only a good fundraising idea, but you can build relationships with local wineries in your area. Visit local wineries and ask if they are willing to participate in your event. It gives them great exposure and increases brand awareness while raising funds for your event.

Attendees can sample the best local wines and make purchases where you get a percentage of the sales. A sommelier can discuss the different wines and their flavors while answering questions about how they get made and what makes those wines unique. Serve a specialty menu or create charcuterie boards to accompany the day’s event.

7.      Cooking With a Celebrity Chef
Celebrity Chef

The best way to utilize this fundraising event is to find a local chef to host a cooking party. Attendees will learn a new dish and enjoy a night of laughter and good food with friends. If the holidays are around the corner, you can customize the cooking class around the upcoming holiday.

Team up with a local celebrity chef and ask if they will donate an evening of their time to your charity. Then, raise money through ticket sales, and have cookbooks on display for sale to increase your profits. If the celebrity chef has his cookbook, he can get exposure for his cookbook, and your event gets a percentage of the sales.

8.      Battle of the Bands

Talent is everywhere! Hang flyers and have auditions for the best bands in town. Once you have found the best in local talent, have them battle it out at your fundraising event. This might not be a conventional fundraising idea, but it packs a lot of excitement and fun for attendees.

Charge an entrance fee and serve appetizers and cocktails at the event. Your attendees can vote on which band they enjoyed the most and have a cash prize for the winning band. This fundraising idea will capture the attention of potential donors across town. You could even spend time speaking to the audience throughout the event and raising awareness for your cause.

9.      Food Truck Event

Close your eyes. Imagine a Sunday morning walking around the food market with loved ones. The smell of the different artisanal bakeries, meats on the grill, and the sound of laughter all around. Food trucks have a place not only in markets but they are seen as the next generation of top chefs with their creative take on local food. Food trucks allow talented, unrecognized chefs to showcase their skills in a relaxed environment. Attendees can find mouthwatering hidden gems in food truck cuisine.

Gather the best food trucks in town at a local park and have a percentage of the sales go to the charity. Find craft vendors to sell unique items and trinkets for guests to browse through. This is an excellent opportunity for locals to show what they are made of and promote their talent while creating an event for the whole community.

10. Casino Night
Casino Night

Casino nights are a popular fundraising idea among charities. The night will consist of a cocktail hour with a silent auction, raffles, and gaming tables for a night of gambling fun. Attendees can purchase and win chips, which will be exchanged for gifts at the end of the evening. Prizes can include gift baskets, gift certificates, or an experience such as a hot air balloon ride or spa day.

Excitement and laughter are a guarantee at a casino night fundraising event, and while it is a time-consuming event to plan, the result is worth the work.

11. Carnival Fun

Hosting a carnival in town is another great fundraising idea to draw donors from your city and surrounding counties. Carnivals are usually down during the winter, and some family-owned carnivals may be willing to give some rides and food stands for a good cause. A portion of the ticket proceeds will go to your charity, and you won’t be limited in adding other fun attractions to the event.

Set up a dunk tank and have a local celebrity, pastor, principal, or fire chief sacrifice getting dunked by the community for charity. Get locals to sell their handmade arts and crafts in a booth at the carnival and promote your charity and community members together.

12. Art Classes & Art Sale
Art Classes

Art classes are an excellent way for your charity to raise money through general donations and a percentage of the proceeds from entrance fees. Find a local artist or art student from a local art school to give fun educational art classes.

To take your fundraising idea a step further, you can organize an art sale event to coincide with the art classes. Ask your local university for students who want to showcase and sell their artwork or approach a local artist to hold an exhibition. Your charity can raise money by keeping profits from the sale, and the artists will get exposure.

Find out from galleries in the area if they would be willing to rent their space to assist in the event. Alternatively, you can set up a gallery in an office. Send out invitations, institute a dress code, and serve champagne to guests upon arrival. In addition, you can ask local wineries or liquor stores to donate wine for the event.

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