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Have you ever wanted to get involved in supporting shooting sports but didn’t know where to start? Friends of NRA could be the answer you’ve been seeking. The Friend of NRA program is a big part of The NRA Foundation’s goal of supporting programs that promote safe gun ownership and education. These groups offer grants to various programs and people to help make shooting sports safe and accessible for everyone in the United States.

NRA Foundation: Investing in Shooting Sports.

Friends of the NRA Banquet Schedule

Since 1990, the NRA Foundation has funded over 57,000 grants as America’s most significant charity organization. Since 1992, this group has hosted over 25,000 events and served over 4.5 million people. Additionally, the NRA Foundation selects volunteers for State Fund Committees to suggest grant money for various shooting sports initiatives such as youth education, women-focused clinics, law enforcement training, hunter safety, range improvement, guns, and marksmanship training and safety.

One of the NRA Foundation’s top priorities is to invest in the next generation of shooters by funding youth programs. These committees understand the vast impact that American youth can have on the future of shooting sports. As a result, prioritize funding distribution to promote and encourage youth involvement in this critical area. Their sole goal is to raise funds for the future of shooting sports.

NRA Foundation funds gun safety and education through events and grants.

The NRA Foundation raises money for national, state, and local grants through Friends of NRA events and other fundraisers. These grants pay for various projects that make hunting and using guns safer, improve shooting skills, and teach the public about guns’ historical, technological, and artistic importance. By giving these tools, the NRA Foundation hopes to help ensure that shooting sports will be around for many years.

Support NRA Foundation & Shooting Traditions: 5 Ways with Friends of NRA

Supporting the NRA Foundation and its mission through Friends of the NRA can help keep their shooting traditions alive. You can support them in 5 ways.

  1. Go to a Friends of NRA event. When you buy a ticket, the money goes toward giving grants to projects, organizations, and programs that deserve them.
  2. Volunteer at a Friends of NRA event. Each year, the NRA Foundation gives fifty percent of its net profits to the state where they get made. The Friends of NRA State Fund Committees in each state then choose local and state programs and projects to fund with the money earned.
  3. Donate to the NRA Foundation: Donate to help the NRA Foundation. The group has given more than 45,000 national, state, and local grants to programs.
  4. Become a National Sponsor: This is a big way for Friends of NRA to show how much they have cared about the Friends program for a long time.
  5. Become a National Corporate Sponsor. By making your company’s support national, you can help the NRA foundation reach and help more Second Amendment supporters nationwide.

There are many other ways to help The NRA Foundation make sure that shooting sports and the Second Amendment will be around in the future. These include giving at work, planning your will, and giving away a gun or car you no longer need.

Volunteers drive Friends of NRA’s funding for youth shooting sports and gun safety programs.

Volunteers are the most critical part of Friend of RNA. Every year, thousands of volunteers in each state give their time and energy to raise money for the future of our firearm traditions. These funds have led to many local, state, and national grants to support programs like youth shooting sports, range development, firearm safety courses, women’s instructional shooting, and hunter training seminars.

NRA Banquet Fundraising Ideas

Friends of NRA

The Friends of NRA Foundation is a group that helps the National Rifle Association (NRA). To raise money for different programs, the group holds several fundraisers. These fundraisers help spread information about guns, ensure gun safety, and keep shooting sports alive. The funds collected go to local, state, and national programs that support the organization’s goals.

Banquets are one of the most popular ways for the Friends of NRA Foundation to raise money. At these banquets, money gets raised through live auctions, silent auctions, and gun raffles. People who go can win or buy guns, accessories, and other things while helping the cause. People with similar interests can also meet and talk to each other at these events.

Shooting competitions and sporting clays events are other common ways to raise money. These events bring in people who like shooting sports and allow participants to show off their skills while helping the NRA Foundation reach its goals. The funds raised from these events come from entry fees and sponsorships.

Lastly, the Friends of NRA Foundation participates in events that reach out to the community and work with local businesses to raise money. The group can get more support and money by getting involved in the community and spreading the word about their cause. Overall, the Friends of NRA Foundation uses a lot of different ways to raise money to support their mission and the shooting sports community.

NRA Banquet

The Friends of NRA banquet is an annual fundraiser that gun enthusiasts and people who support the Second Amendment look forward to all year. 

The Friends of NRA banquet gets held in a big room, like a hotel ballroom or convention center, and many activities add to the night’s fun. Guests enjoy a delicious dinner and drinks while bidding on various items in auctions, raffles, and games. These include guns, hunting gear, and other things related to the shooting.

Supporters of the Second Amendment can get together at the Friends of NRA banquet to show their support for the NRA and shooting sports. It’s a fun way to raise money for the organization’s educational and safety programs and encourages people to own guns safely and responsibly.

Friends of NRA Raffles

Friends of the NRA

Gun raffles are a common way for groups like the Friends of NRA to raise funds. Throughout the year, the Friends of NRA and other non-profits often hold gun raffles to raise money and support the Second Amendment.

During a Friends of NRA Raffle, people buy tickets to try to win a gun or other items related to the shooting. The raffle could have a single gun or several guns and other things. Winners get chosen at random, and the prize goes to the person who bought the winning ticket.

Gun lovers like gun raffles, like the ones held by the Friends of NRA, because they give them a chance to get guns at a lower price than if they bought them outright. Groups like the Friends of NRA that hold gun raffles make sure to follow all gun laws and rules and work to promote safe and responsible gun ownership.

Charity Safaris

Friends of the NRA Banquet Prizes

Charity Safaris are a fantastic way to raise funds by offering free hunting trips for auction. These hunting expeditions 100% donations with live auction profits averaging $3,400 and silent auction profits averaging close to $2,000. Three wonderful trips are available through the organization: one to San Luis, Argentina; another to Christchurch, New Zealand; and an eight-day adventure to Limpopo, South Africa. The best part is that these hunting trips can get sold more than once, boosting the potential earnings for your fundraising.

Each fascinating expedition allows hunters to chase various game species, delivering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Below is a breakdown of the species available on each trip:

  • New Zealand: Hunt Wapiti, Waterfowl, Fallow Stag, Red Stag, Captain Crook Wild Boar, Feral Goat, Arapawa Ram, Alpine Chamois, and Himalayan Tahr in this scenic location. This vacation is an exciting opportunity with breathtaking surroundings.
  • Argentina: Hunt Red Stag, Wild Boar, Axis Deer, Fallow Stag, Water Buffalo, Blackbuck, Mouflon sheep, and Jacobs 4-horn Ram in the rough surroundings of San Luis, Argentina. Argentina provides a one-of-a-kind hunting experience, combining the thrill of the hunt with a rich cultural experience.
  • South Africa: Go to Limpopo, South Africa, for an eight-day hunt in search of Kudu, Warthog, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Gemsbuck, and Blesbok. This trip provides not only the opportunity to hunt a variety of species but also the opportunity to discover South Africa’s beautiful landscapes and wildlife.

Charity Safaris is an appealing and daring fundraising item that appeals to hunters and adventure seekers. The chance to go on a thrilling international hunting trip attracts a lot of interest and bids during auctions, which means more money for your cause. You can make your fundraising event stand out and leave a lasting impression on your supporters by providing these fantastic experiences. You can request Charity Safaris hunting trips through their online donation request form.

Silent Auctions

silent auction donation request

The National Rifle Association (NRA) uses fun and profitable Friends of NRA silent auctions to raise money for their mission. These auctions have many things for sale, from guns and hunting gear to unique experiences and collectibles. By offering items and experiences that people want, these events bring in a wide range of bidders and a lot of money for the organization.

Friends of NRA silent auctions are successful in part because they bring people together and make them feel like they are part of a group. As they bid on the displayed items, supporters enjoy a friendly competition. This sense of community helps people bid more, which raises more money for the organization’s programs and projects.

Friends of NRA silent auctions are also important because the items get carefully chosen to appeal to various interests. By selling multiple things, the group ensures something for everyone, from those who like guns to hunting or other outdoor adventures. This method of choosing items helps to get the most bidders involved and, as a result, raises the most money during the event.

Last but not least, Friends of NRA silent auctions depend on the hard work and dedication of volunteers who help set up and run these events. These people help get unique items for the auction and tell people in their communities about the possibilities. Their love for the cause and dedication to the organization is vital to getting people to attend these fundraising events and ensuring they succeed.

Clay Shooting Competitions

Friend of NRA Banquet

The clay shooting fundraiser is a popular event that gives clay shooting enthusiasts a unique opportunity to join together and assist the Friends of NRA. This community fundraising campaign helps to fund educational and safety initiatives for youth, women, and other groups interested in shooting sports.

Participants pay an admission fee to support the Friends of NRA’s goal during the clay shooting event. The competition is for people passionate about clay shooting and the Second Amendment. Participants can purchase raffle tickets in addition to the admission fee for an opportunity to win expensive prizes such as rifles, hunting gear, and other shooting-related things.

The clay shooting fundraiser brings together people passionate about firearms and shooting sports. It enables members to network with like-minded people while supporting a worthy cause. The Friends of the NRA clay shooting fundraiser has grown in popularity nationwide, with many localities organizing their versions to benefit the organization.

Overall, the Friends of the NRA’s clay shooting fundraiser is a fun and efficient method to support the organization’s instructional and safety programs. In addition, the event provides an opportunity to develop a community of individuals who share a passion for weapons while supporting a great cause by bringing together clay shooting enthusiasts and Second Amendment supporters.

Mystery Gun Raffle

Friends of the NRA Banquets

The Friends of NRA has held a Mystery Gun Raffle at their fundraising events. A Mystery Gun Raffle is a fun and unique way to raise money. People buy raffle tickets without knowing what kind of gun they might win or what brand it is. The event is more exciting when there are surprises and things to look forward to. Surprises make more people want to take part.

The Friends of NRA Raffle carefully choose the guns to get raffled off so that the Mystery Raffle will succeed. They ensure that the guns are high quality and will appeal to their target audience. The organization spreads the word about the event through social media, local newspapers, and word of mouth. They focus on the mystery of the raffle to get people’s attention and get them interested.

People who want to win a gun or help the Friends of NRA raise money by buying raffle tickets for the Mystery Gun Raffle. The more tickets an organization sells, the more money it makes to pay for its programs and projects. The mystery gun creates a lot of hype, which helps sell more tickets and bring in more money for the organization.

The NRA Banquet Mystery Gun Raffle is a creative and fun way to raise money that attracts many supporters and people who like being outdoors. However, the success of the Mystery Gun Raffle depends on how well it gets advertised, how carefully the mystery gun gets chosen, and how well the organization can excite people.

Mystery Safe Raffle

NRA Banquet

The Friends of NRA Raffle Mystery Safe Raffle is a fun way for gun enthusiasts and people who support the National Rifle Association (NRA) to win a high-quality gun safe full of guns and other valuable prizes which they need to learn about in advance.

The Mystery Safe Raffle is a unique way to support an organization while also having a chance to win a grand prize. People buy raffle tickets to win a safe with guns and other freebies. No one knows what’s in the safe until the winner gets announced. People who legally own guns and are at least 21 years of age can enter the raffle.

The NRA Banquet Mystery Safe Raffle gives gun enthusiasts and advocates of the Second Amendment a chance to get together and show their support for the NRA and shooting sports. There is also a chance to win a valuable prize.

Overall, the Friends of NRA Mystery Safe Raffle is a fun and worthwhile event for anyone who likes guns and shooting sports. This raffle is a great way to raise money for the Friends of NRA because you can win a high-quality safe full of guns and other valuable prizes and help the Friends of NRA do their work.

Sponsor Table Gifts

Friends of the NRA

A sponsor table gift is a unique item or experience provided to sponsors at fundraising events to express gratitude for their assistance. These gifts make the event more enjoyable and urge sponsors to contribute more to the cause. In addition, organizers can encourage more individuals to support the event by providing intriguing gifts, which results in more significant revenue for the organization.

Sponsor table gifts can help raise funds by encouraging individuals to pay more to receive a unique gift or pushing them to compete for the best items. There are numerous gifts, from special items to unforgettable experiences.

Charity Safaris, for example, could be a sponsor table gift, providing sponsors with a fantastic trip while earning funds for the organization’s cause.  A Friend of NRA Banquet can increase the amount of a sponsor table significantly by adding a high value hunting trip to the sponsor table prize list. You can request Charity Safaris hunting trips for sponsor tables through their online donation request form.

Final Thoughts

Friends of NRA allow people to participate in shooting sports and support safe gun ownership and education. The NRA Foundation’s money for grants and programs has dramatically affected how involved and secure young people are with guns. You can help the foundation by attending events, volunteering, giving money, or becoming a sponsor. There are also many unique and creative ways to raise funds for a good cause, like mystery-safe raffles or silent auctions. Volunteers and donors can help ensure that shooting sports and the Second Amendment will last long.

All you have to do is apply for a donation to be eligible for a high-ticket item for your auctions and more with Charity Safaris! In addition, you can resell these hunting trips during your fundraiser.

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