NJ Donation Request

NJ Donation Requests

A state known for its diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and an unwavering sense of community is located in the center of the busy Northeast. Welcome to New Jersey, a state where kindness and commerce exist peacefully.

Let’s explore the various companies accepting NJ donation requests. This list will help New Jersey nonprofit organizations find the right company to collaborate with and raise the desperately needed funds.

Charity Safaris

New Jersey Donation Request

If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, Charity Safaris should be your first choice New Jersey company with online donation requests! Charity Safaris offers luxury hunting safari trips to Argentina, South Africa, and New Zealand destinations.

These hunting safari trips can be sold through a live auction or silent auction, and the charity keeps 100% of the proceeds. In addition, each hunting safari trip can be sold numerous times, allowing nonprofits to generate more funds. The average profit live auctions typically raise is $3,200, and about $2,300 is raised in silent auctions per trip sold.

The hunting safari trips are available to 501(c)(3) organizations, benefit auctioneers, schools, churches, and anyone raising funds for their charity. A NJ donation request is gladly accepted.

You can request a donation through Charity Safaris’ online donation request form. The process is quick and easy, and only basic information is required to qualify.

Big Kahunas

Big Kahunas may be a company focused on entertainment; however, they are also making waves as a true philanthropic force. Big Kahunas remarkably impacts their local community by embracing online donation requests.

By visiting their website, charitable organizations can easily submit their requests, streamlining the process and enabling Big Kahunas to review and respond to each application effectively.

To ensure that their resources create a meaningful impact, Big Kahunas has established certain criteria for a NJ Donation Request qualify. These include:

  • Organizations must be registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations.
  • Requests must come from charities and nonprofits that are hosting fundraisers.
  • Religious, fraternal, social, or political groups are typically not assisted to keep donations fair.
  • Two All Day Attraction Passes are donated annually to help deserving organizations with their fundraising efforts.
  • Communities where Big Kahunas’ guests and staff members live, work, and play is given priority.
  • Tickets can only be used for silent-auction, raffle, and auction items.

If you meet the qualifying criteria, you can request an online donation from Big Kahunas’ website. You must attach a copy of your nonprofit’s 501(c)(3).

By accepting New Jersey Donation Requests and setting stringent yet inclusive requirements for charities, they’re helping those in need and inspiring others to join the movement of compassionate giving.

NJ Devils Donation Request

The New Jersey Devils are more than just a hockey team – they’re a beacon of community support and one of the best New Jersey companies with online donation requests. The Devils positively impact various nonprofit causes through online donation requests through their In-Kind donations and Community Ticket Assist Program.

In-Kind Donations: In-kind donations are a unique way of giving. Through in-kind donations, the New Jersey Devils provide tangible items that directly fulfill the nonprofit organization’s needs.

Whether it’s sports equipment for underprivileged youth programs or memorabilia for fundraising events, the Devils’ in-kind donations serve as a practical avenue for nonprofits to achieve their goals while building a stronger community.

A NJ Devils Donation Request can be made on the NHL website at least eight weeks before your event date. Complete all the information and take note of the qualifying criteria. For instance, only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations within the Greater Newark Area and New Jersey may apply for an in-kind donation.

Community Ticket Assist Program: The Community Ticket Assist Program is an exciting initiative that showcases the Devils’ commitment to inclusivity. This program enables nonprofits to provide unique experiences to those who might not otherwise have the chance to attend a live hockey game. The Devils can bring joy to various community members by donating game tickets.

For a New Jersey Devils donation request, go through their Community Ticket Assist Program and complete the form on the NHL website.

Harrison Beverage Company

Donation Request New Jersey

Harrison Beverage distributes Anheuser-Busch products, like Bud Light and Heineken, in Southern NJ. While they sell and distribute various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages across New Jersey, they are also committed to supporting the local community. However, the company has specific requirements that must be met before considering your nonprofit organization’s online donation request.

  • Online donation requests must be submitted six weeks before the event date.
  • Harrison Beverage has a specific budget for all charitable donations and operates on a first-come, first-served basis. The sooner you request a donation, the more likely you will receive one!
  • No product donations are provided.
  • Cash donations require a valid Tax ID number.
  • The company does not extend support to school organizations.
  • Each eligible organization can get one donation per calendar year. This ensures that the company can reach as many causes in the community as possible.

Your nonprofit should receive feedback from Harrison Beverage within two weeks of submitting an online donation request. Unfortunately, you will not receive any feedback or information regarding donation inquiries via phone calls, as the company manages substantial volumes of requests.

Complete the NJ Donation Request to determine if your nonprofit event aligns with Harrison Beverage beer donation policies and New Jersey state law.

Von Thuns Farms

Von Thun Farms have been around for over five generations, providing fresh produce to the local community and across the US. This family-operated New Jersey farm also plays a huge role in the local community by providing ways for nonprofit charities to raise funds for their causes.

Due to the high demand for their New Jersey Donation Requests, the company can only assist some people each year, so they have a process for online donations. Before applying for this New Jersey company with online donation requests, ensure you check that your charity is eligible for a donation.

There are various fundraiser options available for your nonprofit to choose from. These options are only available to registered 501(c)(3) organizations that are within 20 miles from either of their locations.

In-Kind Donations: In-kind donations are ideal for silent auctions. Von Thun Farms has limited in-kind donations available per year, so you must apply online as soon as possible. In-kind donations include family four-pack tickets to the farm’s Sunflower Trail Weekends, Strawberry Festivals, Fall Festivals, and Sunflower Trail Weekends.

Plant Sale Fundraiser: This fundraiser is available in the Spring and only at the farm’s So. Brunswick location. Various baskets of veggie plants, annuals, and hanging baskets are sold at discounted prices so you can sell them at face value, and your nonprofit keeps the difference.

Sunflower Trail Ticket Sale: Nonprofits can buy tickets in bulk to the New Jersey Sunflower Trail. These tickets are sold at discounted prices, so your charity can resell them at face value and keep 100% of the difference. This offer is only available at the farm’s Washington, NJ location.

Fall Festival Ticket Sale: The Fall Festival Ticket Sale tickets are available to charities at discounted prices. The nonprofit organization sells the tickets at face value and keeps the price difference as proceeds towards the charity.

Big Snow American Dream

Big Snow American Dream is a place where the adventure never ends! As the first and only indoor real-snow ski and snowboard resort in North America, the company is more than just a winter wonderland – they have grown to become a great source for online donation requests.

The company has much to offer charities and includes a complimentary auction basket. Your nonprofit must complete the online donation request form on their website to see if you’re eligible. You will get feedback within two weeks of submitting the donation request. This is a top NJ Donation Request.

New York Giants Football

Beyond the roar of the crowds and the thrill of victory, the New York Football Giants football showcases a spirit of generosity that extends far beyond the gridiron. By embracing the digital age, the Giants have harnessed the power of online donation requests to drive positive change and uplift their community in impactful ways.

Through their online donation request system, they’ve crafted a playbook that enables nonprofits and causes to present their needs and receive support. This digital platform streamlines the process, allowing donors to connect directly with the initiatives that resonate with them.

Every year, the New York Football Giants support over 3,500 organizations in the tri-state area by providing Giants memorabilia. Each organization that qualifies can only receive one donation per year and must meet all the requirements that the Giants set out. In addition, online donation requests must be submitted at least eight weeks before the event.

Ensure you do not request a donation via email, fax, or mail, as these donations are not accepted. Complete the New Jersey company’s online donation request form today to determine your qualifications.

WHATCo Arts and Theater Company

Imagine a dynamic cultural hub that breathes life into the heart of the West Hudson community, embracing, educating, and entertaining people from every corner. West Hudson Arts and Theater Company (WHATCo) is a community theater company whose mission is to be that vibrant resource dedicated to nurturing a tapestry of ages, cultures, and abilities.

WHATCo brings the community together through theatrical productions with a collective appreciation for the performing arts. As a nonprofit organization, they strive to give back to the New Jersey community through online donation requests.

Limited online donation requests can be filled each season, so completing the online donation request form as early as possible is important.

Alstede Farms

Donation Request New Jersey

Alstede Farms is on a mission to bring a smile to every person who visits their farm! The farm has deep family roots, with the owners ensuring the land is legally preserved.

The Alstede Family is deeply ingrained in the New Jersey community. With their roots deeply planted, they strongly bond with the community and actively support various local organizations. For example, they support local food banks with fresh, homegrown produce yearly. In 2021, they donated over 54,200 pounds of food to various organizations in New Jersey!

Charitable organizations looking for assistance with fundraising can complete an online donation request form on their website. Alstede Farms wants to work together to make a difference in the community, so contact them for a donation. This is a top New Jersey Donation Request.

Tree to Tree Cape May Adventure Park

Amidst the thrill of zip lines and aerial obstacle courses, Tree to Tree Cape May Adventure Park is more than just a park – they are also committed to giving back. Their support extends to various charitable causes, from environmental conservation to community development. By embracing online donation requests, they uplift nonprofits with the spirit of giving.

Requesting a donation is quick and easy. Complete the online donation request form on the website and wait for Tree to Tree Cape May Adventure Park to reply. Unfortunately, they cannot assist you via email or phone calls.

Final Thoughts

Nonprofits in New Jersey have a long list of companies with charitable and philanthropic divisions, giving back to the local communities. From entertainment parks to tech giants to professional sports teams, these companies have harnessed the digital age to amplify their impact and inspire a culture of giving.

These New Jersey companies with online donation requests have streamlined their online donation request forms, making it quick and easy for organizations to request donations.
Companies like Charity Safaris can assist nonprofits all across the US, including New Jersey Donation Requests. Simply complete the request for an online donation, and a representative will reach out to you and help you organize your next fundraising event. Click here to learn more about Charity Safaris and request a donation.

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