Nebraska Ducks Unlimited

Since 2016, Nebraska Ducks Unlimited has given the Nebraska Wetland Partnership Award to a single partner from other organizations who have played an essential role in helping the DU in their efforts to conserve the wetlands. The 2021 and 2022 awards went to Mark Brohman and David Eigenberg. They both played a vital role in the DU’s mission in Nebraska and were honored for their efforts.

2021 Wetland Partnership Award Winner Mark Brohman

Mark Brohman is highly known and respected in the conservation community. Brohman is the former Executive Director of the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) and accepted a position with the Wachiska Audubon Society in 2021. The Wachiska Audubon preserves tallgrass prairie and native birds in more than 17 counties and has 1,200 members. They entrust this vital position to Brohman because of his reputation and love for conservation. He has aided in conserving thousands of acres of waterfowl habitat on DU’s habitat in Nebraska, so this move makes sense.

2022 Wetland Partnership Award Winner David Eigenberg

David Eigenberg received the 2022 Partnership Award for his work to conserve essential wetlands. As the General Manager for the Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District (UBBNRD), Eigenberg and the board members work closely with Nebraska Ducks Unlimited by keeping one of their properties open to the public. The DU will hold property in Hamilton County, now known as Teal View Wetland Education Area, and use it as an area of education and conservation.

The UBBNRD prevented two temporary wetlands on a crop field from being drained and developed to benefit the wildlife in the area and agricultural production. The property is located across from a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wetlands in Fillmore County.

Due to the pandemic, the DU awarded the 2021 and 2022 winners together. They wanted to ensure a partner was named a winner for each year. Both winners play a critical role in helping the DU accomplish its conservation goals in Nebraska.

Prairie Pothole Region

Prairie Pothole Region has an abundance of fauna and flora and supports a significant migrating global waterfowl population. Millions of ducks use these wetlands for their breeding grounds. In addition, ducks migrate from the Prairie Pothole Region to Nebraska – vital to waterfowl hunters. Most of Nebraska’s duck harvest comes from this area, coining the term “the duck factory.” Nebraska Ducks Unlimited has made the Prairie Pothole Region their number one priority to conserve critical habitats.

Charity Safaris and Nebraska DU

Ducks Unlimited has been essential to waterfowl conservation in Nebraska and provides much-needed support for migration at home and on breeding grounds. In addition, the DU focuses its efforts on grassland and watershed maintenance and restoration, replanting forests, and acquiring habitat lands for preservation.

Charity Safaris is committed to accepting all of Nebraska Ducks Unlimited’s fundraising donation requests. The DU will keep all the proceeds to ensure they maximize the donation and use it to raise awareness of wetland conservation and help restore and maintain waterfowl habitats.

If you have an upcoming fundraising event for your charity, request a hunting trip donation!

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