In Kind Donations

When you think of donating to a charity or nonprofit, a cash donation might be the first option that comes to mind. However, there are many other ways to contribute to a good cause, and an inkind donation is one of them. Today, we will cover everything you need to know about inkind donations.

What Are InKind Donations?

An in-kind donation is a non-cash contribution to a charity or nonprofit. Some in-kind donations include volunteering your time, providing services, or donating items and goods.

People can donate their time (or be compensated by their employer or a third party) on behalf of a nonprofit. For example, a local business might volunteer its employees to help run a nonprofit’s fundraising event. This is an in-kind donation.

In addition, small businesses, corporations, colleges, and entrepreneurs alike can offer their professional experience or expertise as an in-kind donation. For instance, a college professor might give a motivational speech about education during a nonprofit event for after-school program funding.

Donating goods, such as clothing, food, furniture, tools, and supplies, is considered an inkind donation. For example, a sports equipment store might donate golf clubs to a charity focused on children’s health.

Why are InKind Donations Important?

Inkind donations give nonprofits access to goods and services that would otherwise strain or exceed their budget. This is especially the case for underserved programs and in troubling economic times.

Some nonprofits and charities rely more heavily on in-kind donations to operate, such as thrift stores like Goodwill and food drives. However, inkind donations can provide support and relief to almost any nonprofit or charity.

In-kind donations are beneficial for individual donors and those who cannot afford to donate money; donating clothes or household items that no longer get used is a great alternative way to contribute. It promotes sustainability too.

Lastly, holding a fundraising event and supporting a cause through in-kind donations can build community engagement and raise awareness of a specific cause.

6 Real-world Examples of In-Kind Donations and the Organizations Behind Them

Some organizations and companies are doing great work for nonprofits and charities that need in-kind donations. You may recognize some of these organizations, while others may be new to you. Continue reading to learn about these organizations’ mission statements and how you can contribute to important causes.

1- Charity Safaris

in kind donations for nonprofits

Charity Safaris is one of the United States’ largest fundraising organizations. Working with reliable International hunting outfitters, Charity Safaris provides adventurous hunting packages as an in-kind donation to various causes throughout the United States and Canada. All the trips are funded by donations and offered to participants for free. 

Charity Safaris functions as a charity auction site. They work closely with coordinators and auctioneers throughout the process, including providing the winner with all the information and resources they need to have a lifetime trip. Their trip destinations include New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa. For more information, check out their website and see how you can get involved.

2- Let’s Roam Foundation

Lets Roam

The Let’s Roam Foundation is an organization that creates app-led scavenger hunts that provide immersive, educational experiences from home. They also collaborate with community organizations that share a similar mission of discovery and exploration.

Their scavenger hunts help users explore and learn about their local communities. This includes children from disadvantaged communities that might not otherwise have the opportunities for educational exploration.

Through in-kind donation events, the Let’s Roam Foundation raised more than $100,000 for charities and nonprofit organizations. Check out their website to explore their scavenger hunt options and stay updated with their cause.

3- Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella is a clothing retail brand that donates 10% of each sale to organizations focused on elephant conservation, like Save the Elephants. Moreover, through their partnerships, Ivory Ella regularly makes in-kind educational donations to affected communities in Africa. If you are interested in their mission, consider checking out their website and purchasing a clothing item to support the elephants. 

4- Chesapeake Energy

Companies willing to donate raffle prizes 2022

Chesapeake Energy provides affordable energy to its local communities, but they also offer in-kind donations to organizations where they do business. These inkind donations include services or materials such as advertising space, office furniture, vehicles, office supplies, or technological equipment. This company exemplifies the notion that in-kind donations increase community engagement and solidarity. Check out their website to see if Chesapeake Energy provides services near you.

5- Build-A-Bear Foundation

In Kind Donation Request

Build-A-Bear Workshop is not just a haven for children at their local mall. The Build-A-Bear Foundation serves its communities in various ways, many of which are in-kind donations. For example, The Build-A-Bear Foundation Literacy Program donates reading materials to disadvantaged communities to promote creativity and literacy. In addition, their Hearts ‘n’ Hugs Fund gives children in need of comfort their Build-A-Bear furry friend. To hear more about their excellent work, visit Build-A-Bear Foundation’s website.

6- Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a popular cafe chain throughout the United States, and it certainly gives back to its communities. Through its Day-End Dough-Nation program, Panera partners with its local nonprofits focused on hunger relief. They contribute to hunger relief by donating their unsold bread and bakery items. So far, they have donated $100 million worth of items. To hear more about the work Panera does in its community, check out its website’s community page.

Are there any drawbacks to InKind Donations?

Overall, in-kind donations benefit nonprofits and charities by alleviating financial stress and providing goods and services that would otherwise be unattainable.

However, without a clear idea of what items are needed, an organization might have more stress on its plate. It is essential for nonprofits and charities only to accept in-kind donations that align with their mission. Otherwise, the donation will be wasted, but the excess items or obligations will also add unnecessary stress to the organization.

Likewise, as a donor, do not treat in-kind donations as a quick way to get rid of your unwanted stuff. When making an in-kind donation, donate items that provide use and align with the organization’s mission.


An inkind donation is a non-cash donation to a nonprofit or charity. This kind of donation can range from a family donating cans to a food drive to a significant corporation hosting free educational programs in underserved communities. If planned strategically by the nonprofit or charity, in-kind donations can immensely benefit an organization.

It is also a great alternative to a cash donation from a donor’s perspective. Unlike cash donations, where you are not sure where your money is going, an in-kind donation can have more tangible benefits.

There are so many wonderful nonprofits and charities that are always in need of in-kind donations. Consider learning more about and supporting the organizations listed above.

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