Friends of the NRA

If you’re reading this, you are probably unsure what Friends of NRA are and what it does. This article will help you better understand why Friends of the NRA got started, how it works, and why it is an important organization.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and should be able to take the necessary measures to make sure that their safety is a top priority. While some may feel it is their right to feel safe by not owning a gun, others may only feel safe by holding a gun. Perhaps you like to hunt big game abroad or waterfowl in the US.

You have the right to own a firearm and the responsibility to use it in a manner that does not intentionally harm anyone else. Additionally, the NRA and Friends of the NRA are fighting to keep gun usage laws from overpowering your right to own and operate with said gun.

FNRA events are a fantastic way to meet people who view guns and the second amendment’s protection the same way you do! Over 13,000 volunteers work hard to ensure that these events are accessible to everyone. Friends of the NRA events usually cater to a wide range of categories that go far in raising funds and giving special attention to those engaging in shooting sports and hunting.

What is ‘Friends of the NRA’?

According to the second amendment, everyone has the right to “bear arms.” Everyone has the right to protect themselves using the weapon of their choice within reason. Yet, there is a barrage of gun laws to govern the type of gun and ammunition the everyday citizen can own and operate.

Since its establishment in 1992, FNRA have been passionate about gaining funding to support shooting sports across America. In addition to the fundraising, Friends of NRA helps the NRA promote the protection of the Second Amendment.

To keep it plain and straightforward, President Biden said it best when he said, “We can’t fail the American people again.” We can’t. Friends of the NRA is an organization that is dedicated to fundraising and hosting events that promote the overall appeal of guns and proper gun education.

Friends of NRA want to support future generations by creating a platform that can make a difference. They have hosted well over 24,000 events and have raised more than $1 billion through raffles, auctions, and banquets at these events!

Why Should I Support Friends of the NRA

When there is so much uncertainty and stigma surrounding guns, it is crucial to have organizations like the NRA promote safe and proper gun usage. Friends of the NRA support those from a long history of shooting sports, hunting, etc.

The big question is, ‘why are organizations like the NRA and Friends of the NRA important?’. The answer is that gun control laws and regulations are not helping stop the violence in America. On the contrary, the more legislation seems to be implemented, the more people rebel and use unsafe methods to access guns.

The FNRA is not promoting the use of more regulations. Instead, these organizations work hard to create a safe environment where guns and gun usage are well explained and catered to. By creating events in which firearms are only used safely, under the supervision of experienced adults, gun education can be encouraged in a more positive light.

Instead of creating events heavy with tension, the Friends of NRA bring you evenings filled with joy and delight. The volunteers work ceaselessly to turn out unique and dynamic events from when you set foot in the venue. These events cater to everyone, from the fantastic food to the games table, the silent auction, and all individual items on sale!

The proceeds of the event from the silent auction, the food tables, and the limited-edition merchandise, including jewelry, knives, etc., are then used to fund the NRA and several other firearms programs.

But perhaps the most significant motivator why you should support Friends of NRA events is that the funds raised at these events are used in the following ways:

  • To help the NRA in its endeavor to protect the second amendment
  • To provide financial support in aid of firearm education programs at a local and State level
  • To create a support network for youth that engage in shooting sports

Benefits of Joining Friends of the NRA

Beyond the fun events and delightful company, if you’re looking for reasons to join Friends of NRA, here are a few:

  • Help promote the second amendment act by providing funding for proper firearm safety and control
  • Get first bids on unique items such as collectors’ firearms, limited edition merchandise, diverse jewelry, and more!
  • Get on a one-to-one with people who have the same interests as you and expand your social network!
  • Giving a support system to the younger generations engaging in marksmanship through shooting sports and hunting
  • Create a pathway to positive and responsible gun ownership
Ways You Can Support Friends of NRA

FNRA and the NRA are serious about creating a new generation of safe and responsible gun owners. You can help these organizations by doing the following:

Spending time at a Friends of NRA event

By simply taking the time to attend the events, you are giving back to the Friends of the NRA community. In addition, you show your support by giving something more precious than money (though Friends of NRA would greatly appreciate the money!) through giving of your time.

By fostering positive relationships between people and firearms, you encourage the younger generation to see guns as a weapon for sports and not harm.


You don’t have to give money to support the NRA and Friends of the NRA. Instead, contact your nearest branch and volunteer your time! Your contribution as a volunteer is crucial to the success of these events.

Gift Firearms You No Longer Use

Get rid of old firearms you no longer use and get a tax deduction to boot! What better way to support Friends of NRA than gift old guns you no longer use to be sold or viewed in the NRA Museums. Your old guns could be a part of firearm history!


Any money you give or transfer to Friends of NRA goes a long way to securing the future of firearms. The donations you provide go-to sourcing and funding programs concerning firearms shooting and firearm safety. On a national scale, the money raised through donations and events hosted by Friends of the NRA help to secure the NRA in its fight for “the right to bear arms.”

Firearms Are Not All Bad

Friends of the NRA are working hard to change how people see firearms and use firearms. Providing a positive example about responsible gun usage is what Friends of the NRA aims for.

FNRA is an organization that wants to spread firearm awareness and safety programs. They also want to promote the sense of community and belonging you get from being around people who view things the same way. Friends of the NRA are geared toward creating a beautiful future with proper firearm protocols that don’t diminish the second amendment.

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