Ducks Unlimited Washington

Ducks Unlimited Washington and the WDFW will partner on various wetland enhancement projects in the Chehalis River watershed.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is committed to maintaining and protecting wildlife, fish, and ecosystems. They preserve fish and wildlife by ensuring they get sustainably sourced and population numbers remain healthy.

There are various threats facing Washington’s wildlife, such as disease and invasive species contributing to declining habitats and climate change. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife studies these risk factors and works to prevent them.

Ducks Unlimited Washington and WDFW

There are concerns about the increased population and use of surface and groundwater from the Chehalis River Basin in Washington, causing a decline in water resources for fish and residents. The Chehalis River basin is approximately 2,700 square miles and is the second largest in Washington State.

Situated on the central coast, it consists of forestlands, diverse wetlands, and habitats essential to resident and migratory waterfowl. Over 260,000 ducks during mid-winter, making the watershed critical to the Pacific Flyway.

Ducks Unlimited is a worldwide recognized nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to conserve North America’s dwindling waterfowl habitats. Ducks Unlimited’s goal is to replant forests and restore grasslands and watersheds. Along with their partners, they acquire land and restore it for wildlife. Since 1937, Ducks Unlimited has preserved over 15 million acres of land and protected wildlife habitats.

Chehalis River Watershed

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife owns over 16,700 acres of the Chehalis River watershed. The public has access to these recreational lands in 4 wildlife areas. Ducks Unlimited recently replaced the John’s River Unit’s water-control structure. Fishing for several species of salmon, trout, and cutthroat trout is available. This 1,358-acre unit consists mainly of waterfowl but also offers the following opportunities for visitors to view and hunt:

  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Upland game birds

Today, Ducks Unlimited is developing a structure replacement for the 133-acre Hoxit Unit. The construction will improve the habitat for wintering waterfowl. In addition, the project that is starting in September will also improve waterfowl hunting conditions. These are not the only projects the DU is developing. There are several more conceptual designs for other WDFW-managed areas in the watershed.

Along with the donations from the Migratory Waterfowl and Wetlands Conservation Program, Ducks Unlimited will provide construction and engineering support for the wildlife in these areas. This involves making repairs to the infrastructures and management improvements. In addition, the program will sell state migratory bird permits and limited edition stamps and prints to fund waterfowl and wetlands conservation projects. Ducks Unlimited and the WDFW will use the state-funded projects to give the public access to these lands.

Charity Safaris

Charity Safaris accepts all hunting donation requests from Ducks Unlimited Washington’s fundraising events. As a result, Ducks Unlimited Washinton can keep 100% of the proceeds and put their money to work conserving the wetlands and waterfowl habitats.

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