Ducks Unlimited Louisiana

The Terrebonne Parish in Louisianna was shaped by the gulf, rivers, and bayous. It continued to grow significantly over the last six decades – mainly thanks to the work that organizations such as Ducks Unlimited Louisiana are putting into the wetlands.

The Terrebonne Basin consists of 574,000 marshlands and 155,000 acres of swamp. More than 85% of the land is water and wetlands. You will find freshwater marshes in the north, saltwater marsh near the coast, and brackish marsh in the south. The wetlands and marshes provide essential economic, recreational, and agricultural benefits that will continue to impact the community.

Ducks Unlimited Louisiana

The North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) gave Ducks Unlimited Louisiana a $2 million grant to improve 1,000 acres of wetlands in Terrebonne Parish in Louisianna. The NAWCA has provided over $1.4 billion in grants with more than 5,600 partners who have donated over $3 billion in matching funds. This has led to over 33.4 million acres of essential wildlife habitat restoration and protection.

The grant will provide the following for the East Raccouri Bay project:

  • Construction of 53,000 linear feet of marsh terraces
  • Improve the growth of submerged aquatic plants
  • Create habitats for waterfowl, fish, and other wildlife

The DU received the grants thanks to Congress, farmers, private land owners in the region, and the conservation community dedicated to making this project a priority and success. Ducks Unlimited Louisiana will use the funds to restore waterfowl habitats for the next generation.

The Terrebonne Basin experienced coastal wetland loss, causing the conservation community to react most positively. The basin used to be a freshwater marsh, but saltwater intrusion and storm damage has caused it to become a brackish marsh.

The East Raccouri Bay is part of Ducks Unlimited’s Gulf Coast Initiative. The GCI’s primary focus is to restore and improve public lands and protect the quality of waterfowl habitats. Along with the support of public and private partners, Ducks Unlimited can improve surrounding communities with their conservation works. For example, the James M. Cox Foundation recently gave a $1.1 million donation to GCI projects in Louisiana to further their cause.

Ducks Unlimited Louisiana and Charity Safaris

Ducks Unlimited has restored and conserved more than 15 million acres of land since 1937. With millions of supporters, the organization has grown to be one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world. Their conservation work helps improve water quality in surrounding communities, restore wetlands, replant forests, and acquire and manage property for wildlife. Education and research are essential parts of their work.

Charity Safari will receive all Ducks Unlimited Louisiana hunting donation requests. The DU will keep 100% of the proceeds from the hunting trip donation to help with their excellent work in waterfowl habitat conservation. Charity Safari goes the extra mile through the planning process to ensure each charity raises as many funds as possible. In addition, we provide poster boards, signs, and all other display materials needed to attract donors.

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