Ducks Unlimited Indiana

Ducks Unlimited Indiana has been heavily involved in science and research, with their utmost conservation efforts replanting forests and restoring grasslands and watersheds. Waterfowl habitats can be saved for future generations by protecting our wetlands, and we should all join the cause.

There is a new partnership between Cargill and Ducks Unlimited. Their collective goal is to improve various Great Lake wetlands and to help improve the water quality for all wildlife, including birds, mammals, and fish.

Cargill and Ducks Unlimited Collaboration

Cargill’s global operations extend into the salt and protein, food ingredients, metals and shipping, and agricultural supply chain services business. Not only do they believe in nourishing the world but doing so sustainably and preserving our environment.

Cargill is in close partnership with Ducks Unlimited as they focus on conservation efforts throughout the country. Their latest contribution of $150,000 to Ducks Unlimited will get used to help conserve and restore the wetlands on private and public land in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Russ Terry, Ducks Unlimited manager of conservation programs, said, “The Great Lakes provide drinking water to more than 30 million people in the United States and Canada. Wetlands are nature’s filtration system. Thanks to Cargill’s support, Ducks Unlimited is adding more of these marshes to our landscape, which will clean the water needed by people and wildlife.”

Cargill’s support will benefit Ducks Unlimited’s Great Lakes Initiative by helping them enhance, protect, and restore the freshwater swamps and marshes in eight states. These efforts will do the following:

  • Refill groundwater
  • Protect against seasonal and coastal flooding
  • Provide economic and recreational benefits to the surrounding communities
  • Improve water quality for residents

Sonya Roberts, president of Cargill’s salt business, said, “Cargill has a strong track record of successfully addressing complex challenges and proactively taking action to protect the environment. We’re delighted to support the team at DU in improving these critical wetlands and further our partnership to enhance communities throughout the Great Lakes region.”

Cargill’s support has been highly beneficial over the years. For example, in 2012, they joined forces with Ducks Unlimited to help watersheds in Kansas and Colorado in a two-year restoration program.

Another critical project Cargill supports Ducks Unlimited is Reynolds Creek Gamebird Habitat Area in Michigan City, Indiana. This is a 1,250-acre property located in Northwest Indiana that consists of agricultural fields, small woodlots, grassland, and wetland sites. Along with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Ducks Unlimited is helping to restore:

  • 88 acres of agricultural land
  • 10 acres of wetlands
  • 78 acres of grassland

Ducks Unlimited Indiana

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