Ducks Unlimited Hosts Hundreds of Banquets Each Year

Ducks Unlimited Banquets

Ducks Unlimited Banquet

Ducks Unlimited offers many programs designed to protect the wetlands and their wildlife. It also introduced environmental changes that improved waterfowl regions. The organization holds an array of events that people can partake in and help ensure nature and ecological longevity. What are some of these events to be held in 2022 besides the Ducks Unlimited banquet?

DU National Convention 

Ducks Unlimited will hold a National Convention in July 2022 in New Orleans. As leaders come together for the big event, the time has been put aside for the first-ever National Roadkill Cook-off. Participants can enjoy the different speakers and look forward to the Wetlands awards dinner. 

They can also buy convention merchandise and apparel before the event and reserve their room at the Marriott in New Orleans before the scheduled event.

Waterfowl Hunter Parties

You do not want to miss the party for waterfowl hunts. You’ll have the chance to meet and converse with a diverse group during the banquet. Wear camo, and you have an opportunity to win a shotgun. The banquet is offered in many places throughout the United States; here are some examples – Monmouth County, Kings River, South Bay, and Sodus Bay. A party in the fall will also be held in Valley City. The best waterfowl hunter party to attend is the Panhandle Sportsman’s Party. 

DU Kid Events 

Ducks Unlimited has also put together several kid-friendly events. Kids can learn more about Indiana’s conservation work during the Major Donor Dedication and Greenwing Legacy in May 2022. On Greenwing Day, they can partake in free fishing and the silent Ducks Unlimited auction. Kids who love fishing can sign up for Onslow the Youth Fishing Day in Onslow County. Registration ends June 25 and is only available for the first 25 kids. 

Any child who becomes a Ducks Unlimited member automatically helps conserve and bring back the wetlands. 

DU Shooting Events 

Whether you’ve never shot a gun before or are an expert, Ducks Unlimited has put together the continental shoot ahead event. The organization has set up various games and a 5-stand. To be involved in the tournament, you must register to become a National Sporting Clays Association member. Upon registration, you can enjoy the Shooter’s Banquet and meet many people. 

Check out the Continental Shoot’s Facebook page or reach out to Ducks Unlimited to learn more about the event. 

Ducks Unlimited Expo

If you’ll be in attendance at the Ducks Unlimited Expo, there is much for you to explore and enjoy. A specially designed track will allow you to test your driving skills while also shooting. You can sign up for various contests and win prizes. Exhibitors will also introduce multiple accessories and other nifty gadgets. You can learn more about fly fishing and baitcasting to improve your techniques. 

The event will also highlight what conservation organizations have been doing to improve the future. You can also send an email to the DU expo to volunteer your services and time. 

When it comes to the Ducks Unlimited organization, there is no shortage of events for kids or hunters. 

The organization puts together its banquets to raise money – one of the reasons auctions are also held at the same time. The Ducks Unlimited Expo is a place to meet like-minded individuals, participate in various contests, shoot, and host other enjoyable events. 

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