Ducks Unlimited Auction to Raise Money for Projects 

Ducks Unlimited Auction

Ducks Unlimited Auction

Starting in 1937, Ducks Unlimited has brought wetlands and waterfowl conservation to the forefront with protection for over 10 million acres of land in North America. The organization employs people in different states, focusing more on protecting waterfowl and their habitat. What initiatives and auctions (such as the Ducks Unlimited auction) have been enacted to ensure the organization meets its goals?

3 Ducks Unlimited Initiatives That Help with Waterfowl Conservation

Alaska Initiative 

The organization devised the “The Alaska Initiative – Born to Fly” to conserve the state’s essential habitats. It’s been working tirelessly to restore and safeguard the state’s wetlands. Mapping technology and management plans have helped to bring fruition to this initiative. It’s a project that demands to fund, and much of it comes from people who donate to the organization. 

America’s River Initiative

The Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley is a wetland system with many wildlife. Still, years of drainage have resulted in a change in the area, and a notable 20% of the forest remains. Ducks Unlimited stepped in to protect the habitats and maintain what was left of the landscape. Easements were also considered, funded by a Ducks Unlimited online auction.

Peaks to Prairies Initiative 

This initiative helps not just to protect the wetlands and grasslands but also to restore many areas of the Rockies. The organization realizes there will be a change in the waterfowl experience but wants to maintain the places to ensure people can enjoy the Rocky Mountains landscape. 

DU State & Regional Online Auctions 

Ducks Unlimited allows people to bid on merchandise (including limited edition DU firearms). The money raised through these auctions goes toward wetlands conservation. People can participate in the WADU online auction or Ducks Unlimited online auction.  If you don’t see any hunting trips in the auction, tell the DU event coordinator about Charity Safaris.  They offer several 100% donation international hunting trips to locations like South Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand.  These hunting trips are a great addition to any DU auction and can raise a lot of money for the ducks!

Into The Vault 

This auction has over 600 items with a total price of over $1 million available to bid on. It’s one of the most expensive and allows people to bid on vintage collectibles, artwork, famous art prints, and more. After the auction concludes, the items are shipped to the winning bidders, and people can partake in a hunting or fishing trip. 

National Online Auction 

The Ducks Unlimited auction items allow people to bid on official DU merchandise, including frames, small travel bags, etc. The auction proceeds go toward DU conservation projects once the auctioneer receives their profit. Bidders attending the event can also bid on current and previous packages. 

Ducks Unlimited is one organization that works tirelessly – through several initiatives and auctions – to ensure the North American wetlands for waterfowls are protected. Along with these events, DU also holds various banquets to raise money for conservation projects. 

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