Companies with Online Donation Requests

Companies with Online Donation Requests

So many wonderful nonprofits need donations, but due to a lack of fundraising and marketing resources, their causes might never attract public attention in a meaningful way. A way to support your nonprofit’s cause and increase funding is by looking into companies with online donation requests.

Why do companies have online donation requests?

Companies from all different industries all across the globe accept online donation requests on their platforms. This is because their company or brand values social responsibility.

Social responsibility is a corporate term that describes an organization’s steps to interact with the communities they serve selflessly. A company might volunteer its employee's time, donate money or goods, or provide substantial financial support to a nonprofit organization. Its impact can be locally, nationally, or internationally widespread.

Matching gifts and volunteer grants are the most common kind of donation programs that companies will offer.

A matching gifts program is when a company matches the contributions made by an employee to a nonprofit organization. For example, an employer will match the contributions of an employee who regularly donates canned goods to a food drive for the homeless.

A volunteer grant program is when a company donates money to a nonprofit organization where its employees volunteer. For example, if a handful of employees volunteer at a nonprofit event for six hours, the company they work for would donate six hours' worth of pay (per person) to the nonprofit. In other words, the company is paying the nonprofit for its employees’ volunteer hours.

Why should my nonprofit make an online donation request?

According to the Corporate Giving and Matching Gift Statistics, many companies have donation programs that are not being used. For example, statistics show that four to seven billion dollars’ worth of matching gifts is unclaimed yearly. Meanwhile, only two to three billion dollars’ worth of matching gifts is donated.

In addition, over twenty million people work for companies with donation programs. These statistics show that the fundraising money you need to expand your nonprofit is out there; you need to know where to look. 

5 Real-World Examples of Companies with Online Donation Requests

So many companies are doing great work for nonprofits and charities that need donations. The companies listed below offer in-kind donations, a matching gifts program, or volunteer grants (or a combination.) Plus, they are in a wide range of industries that serve all different needs. Continue reading to learn about these companies’ programs and how they can help a nonprofit like yours.

1 - Charity Safaris

Charity Safaris is one of the United States’ largest fundraising organizations. Working with reliable International hunting outfitters, Charity Safaris provides adventurous hunting packages as a donation to various nonprofits and charities throughout the United States and Canada. All the trips are funded by donations and offered to participants, nonprofits like yours, for free. 

Charity Safaris functions as a charity auction site. They work closely with coordinators and auctioneers throughout the process, including providing the winner with all the information and resources they need to have a lifetime trip. Some of their trip destinations include New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa. For more information, check out their website and see how your nonprofit can benefit.

2- General Electric

General Electric, a multinational conglomerate, offers a matching gift program that provides a 1:1 monetary match (quite rare.) This means that whatever amount of money a General Electric employee donates, your nonprofit will get that amount twofold. In 2020 alone, General Electric donated $16.8 million through its matching gift program. Their website did not specify who is eligible for this program so GE could be a good fit for any nonprofit.

3- Microsoft

Microsoft is a technology powerhouse that provides matching gift programs and volunteer grants. The company accepts requests from nonprofit organizations that work in the following sectors: poverty relief, education advancement, social welfare support, cultural preservation, environmental preservation, and human rights advocacy. A Microsoft donation program could be a good fit if your nonprofit organization focuses on any of those areas.

4- Boeing

Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, offers matching gift programs and volunteer grants. In 2021 alone, Boeing donated over $36 million, and its employees logged nearly 300,000 volunteer hours.

In the past, Boeing has worked with nonprofits focused on homelessness, food insecurity, education in disadvantaged communities, employment, healthcare, and veteran protection. If this sounds like your nonprofit, consider checking out their website.

5- Starbucks

Starbucks offers a Giving Match program that recognizes and supports its employees’ volunteer efforts. Employees can request a giving match for donations to qualified nonprofits for their volunteer hours. For each hour an employee volunteers, Starbucks offers a $5 grant to the nonprofit they volunteered for. While that may not seem substantial, considering how many people Starbucks employs undoubtedly adds up. However, it is essential to note that political or religious organizations do not qualify for this program.

How do I find companies with online donation requests near me?

While many large companies offer substantial financial donations, you may want to start with local businesses.

This is because local businesses have a higher investment in the community that they serve, so they will likely want to support the positive work your nonprofit is doing for that same community.

An excellent start is visiting your local library and asking for a business directory. There, you will find every business listed in your area. You can begin with companies that work in the industry adjacent to your nonprofit’s mission and expand from there.

However, it is essential to remember that local businesses are likelier to have smaller budgets, so looking into companies like the ones listed above can also be helpful.

If asking for a donation from a local business, it is best to form a relationship with them first to ensure a better chance of securing funding. Even if that business can not offer you any donations, they might know of another local company that can put in a good word.

In addition, if you have regular volunteers who also work, consider looking into if their employers accept donation requests.

Final Thoughts

Securing funding for your nonprofit organization can be a frustrating and stressful experience. However, it does not have to be. Looking into companies with online donation requests is a great way to raise money for your nonprofit organization. Whether through a matching gifts program, in-kind donation, or volunteer grant, you can form a relationship with a local business or company that keeps giving.

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