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Please note.  Charity Safaris developed this website in 2019.  In the summer of 2022, we employed our SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. During that developmental phase, we noticed that one of our keywords was Charity Safaris Reviews, and quite a few people were using that search term.  

In the Fall of 2022, we joined the ranks with Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and TheShareWay and started requesting customer reviews. Most people don’t know this, but only one person in 10-15 will leave a review. A lot of work goes into asking for reviews; in most cases, reviews get left after the second or third request.  It is not an easy task.

So even though we have been around for years, our reviews only date back to the fall of 2022.  Had we known then the importance of reviews, we would have started much earlier.