10 Steps to a Profitable Silent Auction 

10 Steps to a Profitable Silent Auction

A Silent auction is a popular fundraiser for a reason. Not only can they raise substantial funds for your organization, but they can also provide an immersive experience that guests will remember. In addition, because the auction is “silent” or anonymous, even reluctant supporters may be inclined to participate.  While having excellent fundraising potential, a […]

Delta Waterfowl Fundraising Ideas

Delta Waterfowl Banquet

Delta Waterfowl Banquet Fundraising Ideas Hunting is essential to ensuring the conservation of different wildlife, raising funds for much-needed causes, and helping to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle. Nobody knows this better than the Delta Waterfowl Foundation. Delta Waterfowl is determined to raise awareness for duck habitat conservation, and a big way they […]

9 Silent Auction Basket Ideas for Your Next Fundraiser

Silent Auction Basket Ideas

If your nonprofit organization is looking for ways to raise additional money at your next fundraising event, a silent auction is an effective way to do so. Charity auctions are an engaging and exciting way for attendees to feel involved in a fundraising event while giving back to a fantastic cause. When appropriately planned, silent […]

In-Kind Donations for Nonprofit Fundraising

In Kind Donations

Thinking of unique, profitable ways to fundraise for your nonprofit organization or charity can be a challenge. If you are tired of cash donations and want to add excitement to your fundraising strategy, consider asking for in-kind donations. Not only are they effective at raising serious revenue, but in-kind donations can also bring the community together […]

The Mount Olive High School Ice Hockey Booster Club


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Mount Olive High School Ice Hockey Booster Club raised $6,500 with Charity Safaris hunting trip donations at its MOHOHA Golf Outing on May 27, 2022. The Mount Olive High School Ice Hockey Booster Club consists of parents and guardians who support the Mount Olive High School ice hockey team. The club […]