3 Ways to Raise Money for Charity Charity Safaris

Ways to Raise Money for Charity
Ways to Raise Money for Charity

Our Story - Ways to Raise Money for Charity

Since 2009, Charity Safaris, one of the country’s best charity fundraising sites, has worked with our most trusted International hunting outfitters to secure 100% donation hunting packages to many worthy causes across the States and Canada. In addition, we provide ways to raise money for charity by offering our trips at no cost.

As a charity auction site, we work extensively with the auction coordinators and auctioneers to ensure a thorough understanding of the packages and offer our support in helping to make each event a great success. 

We include all the display materials and paperwork that the auction teams need. A lot of work and dedication goes into each event, and we try to make things as simple as possible for all the people involved in making each piece fall together.

Once the auction produces a winner, the event team sends the winner’s information to Charity Safaris to move into the next phase, helping the winner set up the trip of a lifetime! We work very closely with the winners to answer all their questions and schedule a date for their hunt. We are here to help them at every turn and love to help them make lifelong memories!

We are proud to be one of the Best Charity Fundraising sites. Our team comprises highly passionate individuals dedicated to providing the best service in the industry!