Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Let’s face it: sports can get expensive for parents, and teams are often underfunded.

Whether your team needs funds for traveling or new gear, plenty of fundraising ideas will help you meet your fundraising goals.

This article covers 50 fundraising ideas for sports teams of all ages that are guaranteed to bring your supporters together. 

1- Exercise Class

An exercise class is a great way for the community to get active alongside local athletes. What’s more, an exercise class can be tailored to fit the needs of any sports team. For example, if you are fundraising for a basketball team, you can incorporate dribbling into the class! Team members can lead the exercise class and provide expert guidance throughout the lesson. 

2- Bingo Night

A sports-themed bingo night can be perfect for your sports team to fundraise. Planning is easy and allows supporters to enter the competitive spirit while supporting their local sports team. Having themed prizes available for winners to increase engagement and bring in more supporters. 

3- 5k Walk Or Run 

While a 5k Walk or Run requires a lot of planning and helping hands, this tried, true fundraiser is perfect for an active audience. Promoting healthy lifestyles while supporting a local sports team is a great way. Moreover, you will not have to search hard for volunteers, as your team members can fulfill those roles!

4- Karaoke Night 

Your sports team has athletic skills, but can they put their singing skills to the test?

A karaoke night is the perfect fundraiser for sports teams looking for an unconventional way to raise funds. It is a fundraising event that any supporter can participate in, as it does not require participants to get active. You can also sell refreshments or partner with a local restaurant to increase your fundraising potential. 

5- Field Day 

Let your supporters showcase their athletic skills by hosting a Field Day fundraiser. You can set up games, including tug-of-war, sack race, and an obstacle course for participants to enjoy. Moreover, your sports team members can take the sidelines by running the events and playing referee. Having prizes for winners can build excitement and bring in a larger crowd. 

6- Car Wash 

Perfect for warm weather, a car wash is a tried and true fundraiser that can bring in profits while making a splash. Your team can set up at your school parking lot so community members can easily stop by and show support. Don’t forget to make signs and have team members stand on the street to grab drivers’ attention!

7- Pancake Breakfast 

Like a barbeque, pancake breakfasts are great fundraising ideas for sports teams. Ask your school or local fire hall to host your pancake breakfast and spread the word on social media. Team members can put their cooking skills to the test by serving pancakes and other refreshments to the community. 

8- Football Tailgate 

Are you looking for football fundraising ideas? Consider having a charity tailgate!

In exchange for donations, supporters can attend a tailgate that includes music, games, and refreshments before the big game.

Your team can also sell merchandise and have raffle baskets available to increase profits. 

9- Mow Lawns for Donations

If you want to raise funds for a male high school sports team, consider mowing lawns for donations! This is a fundraising idea that helps both the sports team and the community. Older community members will love supporting their local sports team while crossing something off their to-do list. 

10- Bag Groceries For Donations

This is a simple fundraiser that any sports team can do. Ask your local grocery store if your team can bag groceries in exchange for donations. This allows your team to interact directly with the community and reach a wide range of people. The busier the local grocer, the better!

11- BBQ Fundraiser

Who doesn’t love a summer barbeque? BBQ fundraisers are a great way to raise funds for your cause while bringing the community together. Your team can set up tables and yard games and help serve food, drinks, and other refreshments for supporters to enjoy. You can host a BBQ virtually anywhere, making it an affordable fundraising option. 

12- Shaved Heads Fundraiser

Are you looking for a fundraiser that makes a statement? Shave your heads for donations! Your team can make a campaign online stating that all members will shave their heads if you reach your fundraising goal.

Supporters can donate, write an encouraging note, and share the campaign online to spread the word. This fundraiser can build camaraderie amongst teammates and build team spirit across your community. 

13- Earth Day Cleanup 

An Earth Day Cleanup fundraiser will boost your sports team’s and the community’s spirits. It allows community members to care for the earth while supporting their local sports team. While this fundraiser works best on Earth Day, you can host a successful community cleanup at any time of the year. 

14- Ice Skate Fundraiser 

Are you looking for fundraising ideas for a hockey team? Consider hosting a fundraiser at your local ice skating rink! With permission from the rink, you can sell tickets for a fundraiser event that includes an evening of skating and refreshments. The community will love spending a night on the rink with family and friends while supporting their local team.

15- Community Hike 

Sports teams can check cardio and fundraising off their to-do list with a community hike fundraiser. To host a hike, pick a location, advertise your fundraiser on social media, and require donations to sign up. Team members can also collect pledges to increase revenue. This provides a perfect opportunity for supporters to get outside and active and are awesome fundraising ideas for sports teams.

16- Rent-a-Mover Fundraiser

Perfect for college sports teams, offer to help students move into their dorms in exchange for donations. Your team can distribute flyers and hang out in drop-off parking lots for direct outreach. Parents will love the opportunity to hire helping hands while showing some school spirit. 

17- Date Auction Fundraiser

Another great option for college sports teams is to auction off players for a date in exchange for donations.

The highest bidder wins a date with their favorite player, while your team gets to keep the proceeds. Date auctions can be a fun way to fundraise while getting one-on-one time with the community. 

18- 10,000-Step Challenge 

A 10,000-step challenge is a perfect fundraiser for busy sports teams as it is a virtual event. Your team can set up an online page advertising your 10,000-step challenge. From there,  participants can sign up and collect pledges to increase motivation (and profits). Team members should also participate in the challenge to build camaraderie. 

19- Host A Tournament 

Tournaments are some of the most profitable fundraising ideas for sports teams. Your team could host different types of tournaments for a profitable fundraiser. 

20- Wiffle Ball Tournament

Perfect for baseball or softball teams, a wiffle ball tournament is a fantastic way to raise funds and bring the community together. Advertise your wiffle ball tournament online and require a donation for teams to sign up. You can also sell refreshments and auction off raffle baskets to increase profits. The event will likely draw large crowds and be a memorable experience for guests. 

21- Volleyball Tournament 

Is your volleyball team looking for fundraising ideas? Challenge the community to a volleyball tournament!

With permission from your school, advertise your fundraiser online and require that teams donate to sign up. You can also sell refreshments and auction off raffle baskets to increase profits. 

22- Ping Pong Tournament

Put your teams’ skills to the test with a ping pong tournament! This fundraiser is easy to plan and organize and enjoyable for all ages. Advertise your tournament online and require that supporters donate to participate. A grand prize for the winners can increase excitement and encourage more people to attend. 

23- Bowling Tournament 

Help the community get into the competitive spirit with a bowling fundraiser. With permission from your local bowling alley, advertise your event and require that interested participants donate to enter. Your team can offer a grand prize for the winning team and sell refreshments to boost engagement. This nostalgic fundraiser is one that all ages can enjoy and is considered great fundraiser ideas for sports.

24- Golf Tournament

Consider hosting a golf tournament if your team wants a fundraiser with serious profit. Our step-by-step guide provides all the information you need to organize a profitable and memorable golf tournament. 

Fundraiser Ideas for Sports

25- Corn Hole Tournament

Perfect for summer, a corn hole tournament is a great way to raise money and engage in some friendly competition. What’s more, is that you can host this tournament virtually anywhere!

Spread the word online and require that participants donate to form a team. You can also offer a prize to the winning team to build excitement among the crowd. 

26- Video Game Tournament 

Is your audience not an active bunch? Consider having a video game tournament! With permission from a local arcade, you can host a video game tournament that all ages can enjoy. Require that supporters donate to attend the event and have refreshments available for purchase. 

27- Bike-A-Thon

If your town has a large bike community, a bike-a-thon might be the perfect fundraising idea for your team. Challenge the community to bike for a set amount of time online. Participants can sign up and collect pledges to build excitement and increase their profits. Posting your fundraising goal online also allows people to donate without participating. 

28-  Track And Field Day 

Are you looking for some fundraiser ideas for sports track teams? There is perhaps no better way to do so than challenging your community to a race. Pick a racing distance and spread the word about your fundraiser online. Interested racers can donate to compete and collect pledges to raise revenue. Selling spectator’s tickets on the event day can also increase funds. 

29- Scavenger Hunt 

A scavenger hunt allows the community to test their detective skills while supporting your team. Plus, your team can have a blast picking a theme and writing clues that guide participants to the finish line. While this fundraiser requires a lot of planning, it has the potential to be profitable for your team and memorable for guests.  

30- Team Up With A Restaurant 

Restaurant franchises often host fundraising events in which the organization keeps a percentage of the profits that night. Ask your local branch if they will host your fundraiser, then spread the word on social media. Parents will love the opportunity to eat out while supporting their local team. 

31- Pool Party 

If your swim team is looking for fundraising ideas, consider hosting a pool party! Use the school pool or coordinate with a local swim club to host a family-friendly party with games and refreshments.

Having raffle baskets available can also increase your profits.  These are awesome fundraising ideas for sports teams.

32- Face Painting 

We know your team has athletic skills, but how do your artistic skills compare? Consider face painting for a fun and silly fundraiser event! Supporters can donate to have their faces painted by one of your team members. Setting up a face painting booth and games at a local park and selling refreshments to parents will boost engagement and increase your funds.

33- March Madness Bracket 

A March Madness fundraiser is perfect for a basketball-loving community. Spread the word online that your team is running a March Madness bracket and ask interested supporters to donate to enter. These fundraiser ideas for sports allow participants to support their local and favorite college teams. 

34- Beach Or Park Clean Up 

A beach or park clean-up is a fundraising idea with various perks. It gets the community moving, helps the environment, and raises funds for your sports team all in one! Spread that your team is hosting a park cleanup online and ask for pledges to support volunteers.

35- Bake Sale 

Bake sales are classic fundraisers and for a good reason. They are not only easy to plan and organize, but they also have serious fundraising potential! All your team needs to do is bake some goodies, set up a table, and sell your treats to supporters! Having a sweets-themed raffle basket can boost your revenue. 

36- Ice Cream Stand 

Are you looking for summer fundraiser ideas for sports? Help the community cool off with an ice cream stand! Like a bake sale, an ice cream stand is an easy and fun way to fundraise.

Whether holding signs, making ice cream cones, or collecting money, sports teams of all ages can participate.  

37- Lemonade Stand 

Similarly to an ice cream stand, a lemonade stand is a perfect way to fundraise on a warm day. Its simplicity makes it a great option for youth sports teams, as the team members can participate. The community can support your team while enjoying a refreshing beverage. 

38- Sell Team Merch 

Let the community show off their team spirit with a merch fundraiser! Your team can order customized tee shirts, rally towels, sweatshirts, and stickers online to sell to supporters! You can set up a shop online or sell merchandise at games. Spread the word on social media to increase your fundraising potential. These are awesome fundraiser ideas for sports

39- Sell Team-Themed Calendars 

A team-themed calendar is a fundraiser that is not only useful but it is also something supporters will cherish all year long. Gather photos from throughout the season and create a calendar using a platform like Shutterfly or Snapfish. You can set up an online page to sell the calendars and bring them to games for maximum fundraising potential. 

40- Discount Card Sale 

Who doesn’t love a sale? For a discount card sale fundraiser, your sports team can sell cards to supporters that offer discounts at local restaurants and stores. You can also sell “mystery cards” where the discount is not disclosed until after purchase to increase excitement among buyers. This is an easy fundraiser that any sports team can organize. 

41- Autographed Ball Sale

Is your team having a great season? Allow supporters to celebrate by purchasing balls autographed by the players! Your team members can sign and sell sports balls before and after games.

This simple fundraiser gives supporters a sentimental item that can be cherished for years and is considered an awesome fundraising idea for sports teams.

42- Social Media Takeover 

Ask a local business if your sports team can take over their social media for the day. Give supporters an inside look at your practice, introduce your players, and show some team spirit! Social media takeovers are great ways to expand your reach and show the community why your team needs contributions. 

43- Are You Smarter Than A Basketball Player? 

A fun twist on Jeff Foxworthy‘s game show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader,” this fundraiser helps your team raise funds while showcasing your knowledge. Challenge your supporters to see if they can guess more answers right than their local superstars. Charge a small fee to enter the contest and have prizes for the winners. 

44- Individual Sports Lessons

If your high school or college team needs to fundraise, consider hosting one-on-one sports lessons! Whether a dribbling practice or a track workout, young athletes will love learning from the best that their town has to offer. Have healthy snacks and refreshments available for kids and parents to enjoy after the lesson. 

45- Punish The Coach 

Looking for fundraiser ideas for sports teams? This is a silly fundraiser that people of all ages can enjoy. Set a fundraising goal and tell the community that the coach gets “punished” if you meet your quota.

Whether taking a pie to the face or getting dunked in a water tank, team members and supporters will get a kick out of teasing their coach for the day. 

46- Shoe Drive

Tell the community your team is collecting new, gently used shoes for a shoe drive. Your team can then donate the shoes to an eligible organization, like Soles4Souls and Samaritan’s Feet, in exchange for money. Not only is this fundraiser easy to pull off, but it also benefits both your team and the shoe recipients.

47- Team Fundraising Letters 

Sometimes, direct outreach is the best way to fundraise. Your team can write letters to family, friends, and supporters requesting donations. Whether for a championship game or new gear, a letter lets people know what their contributions are going towards. It also creates a connection in which supporters feel they are making a personal impact. 

48- Raffle Baskets 

Whether as a standalone fundraiser or a part of a larger event, raffle baskets are a tried and true way to fundraise. Here are two raffle basket fundraiser ideas for sports.

49- Sports-Themed Basket 

A sports raffle basket is the perfect prize for your friends, family, and supporters. If applicable, your team can fill the basket with everything a fan needs for your games, including sports apparel, a rally towel, and tickets.

You can also add small touches like a reusable water bottle and a seat cushion for games.  More great fundraiser ideas for sports.

50- Adventure Basket 

If your supporters like to get outside, consider raffling off an adventure opportunity like Charity Safaris offers. One of America’s largest fundraising sites, Charity Safaris offers fully-funded hunting packages to eligible organizations with trip destinations, including Argentina, South Africa, and New Zealand. This means your sports team can keep all the proceeds from the auction or raffle. 


Finding fundraiser ideas for sports does not have to be a challenge. With these fundraising ideas for sports teams, your team can organize an event that helps you meet your fundraising goals while creating a great experience for your supporters. 

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