Our Process

Bidder/ Winner’s Process

Congratulations on winning a hunting package at auction! The organization thanks you for your generosity. So what happens next?


We'll be in touch

The auction team should provide your contact information to Charity Safaris after the even. This sometimes takes some time as they wrap everything up. Once Charity Safaris has your information e will reach out to congratulate you! If you do not hear from Charity Safaris within one week, please call us at 1-800-850-4868


Gather Information

You will be given a link via email for all of the information about your trip. This will include pricing, logistical information, and more. You will also receive a folder in the mail that contains all of the materials and documents you will need.


Pick a date!

First you will want to select some dates, as there is a 45 day timeline for which you may get them chosen. We will help coordinate the available dates for you. We are at your service.


Confirm your Reservation

Now that your dates are selected, we must work on getting the deposit in to reserve those dates with the outfitter. Dates are not confirmed until the payment is received. You will be required to submit a signed terms and conditions form for each person going on the trip.


Iron out the Details

Once your dates are confirmed you can start thinking about airfare and trip insurance. Our representatives will be happy to point you in the right direction for these needs. At this point you will be “introduced” to the outfitter who will also be happy to assist you.


It's getting close!

As your hunt approaches we will be here to help with any questions, concerns, or needs you may have. The outfitter will also be happy to help you.


Finally, your hunt has arrived!

Now you are ready to go and have a great hunt that will create lifelong memories. We would love to hear all about the hunt when you return!

Auctioneer’s Process


Request a Donation

Charity Safaris is contacted via multiple online outlets for donation requests. In some instances, Charity Safaris offers the donations before they are requested.


Package Details

Once a donation package is granted you will be provided a link that takes you to all of the information about the packages. The packages are not all inclusive so this information does include pricing for the items the winner will need to cover. You will be provided a mandatory poster display as well as tips and instructions for auctioning the package.


Charity Safaris Support

Charity Safaris provides support to the event coordinators by answering questions and education about the packages.


Its Event Time!

Using our poster and your excellent event coordinating skills, the donation package(s) are auctioned at your event. We hope there will be ample excitement! Once you have a winner you will collect their information using our auction winner form provided to you in the link.


Transfer the Information

After your event you will send the winner form to Charity Safaris so that we may contact and congratulate the winner. Charity Safaris will provide support to the winner and get them set up for an amazing hunt!


Stay in touch!

As the years go by, if you utilize our packages it is hoped that more excitement will be generated for your event. We offer new destinations regularly so that the excitement may continue to grow your event!